mitronas | Our values
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Our values

Partnership-based communication with the customer – UAB MITRONAS Engineering team knows that it is a part of its customers’ business, therefore it aims to maintain constructive and friendly cooperation relations with its customers which is based on mutual benefit.


Professionalism – this is not simply the aim of our team, but also our lifestyle. We are always open to innovation, thus we continuously upgrade our knowledge and improve our skills. We are professionals in our field, therefore we are dedicated to our work and enthusiastically carry out the orders of our customers.


Continuous improvement – this is an important condition in order to become market leaders.


Strict quality control – we are demanding towards the quality of our work, because we know that continuous and disciplined control of all processes is necessary in order to produce high quality parts and become the leaders in the parts manufacturing market.

UAB „MITRONAS Engineering“ komanda